Interview mit Michael Lang von der ISCB zu zwei neuen DAISY-Playern

09.11.06, 14:30:27 von INCOBS
Auf dem deutschen Markt erscheinen gerade zwei neue DAISY-Player
Michael Lang von der ISCB stellt in einem Interview die Player Victor ClassicX Plus und PTN1Pro vor. Außerdem werden die Produktreihen Victor ClassicX und Plextor PTN miteinander kurz verglichen: Spulen, Zeitnavigation usw.

Einen ausführlichen Bericht können sie im Audiobereich auf der Homepage der ISCB hören.

Download MP3 (5,5 MB)

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    Victor Reader Classic Plus is a digital talking book player designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This player enables professionals and students to read complex and highly structured books like textbooks, reference works, and school manuals. It supports all DAISY navigation levels, including navigation by chapter, section, page, or paragraph, and allows placement of multiple bookmarks. The device also plays audio and MP3 CDs.
    The PTN1Pro CD player has the direct page/heading/bookmark jump function. Numerical keys are assigned at Tone keys, Volume keys, Speed keys, Up/Down/Left/Right keys, Rewind/Forward keys and Play/Stop key.
    Hardware is absolutely same as the PTN1 CD player except for printing of the keypad

    PTN1Pro is fantastic way for you to enjoy your favourite audio titles such as; DAISY Digital Talking Book CDs, music CDs, and MP3CDs.
    PTN1Pro is attractive yet rugged and is designed to provide years of reliable service. With completely accessible controls and a high quality built in speaker, PTN1Pro can be operated and enjoyed by virtually anyone.
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